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The biggest and most visited contemporary art festival in Slovakia.

White Night embodies the desire to (re)discover urban environment which is given a new dimension through art. A city is transformed into an interactive space whose usual nocturnal cycle ceases to exist for a few hours. Contemporary art breathes life into the city at night and the night thus becomes “white”.

White Night is a prestigious international art project aimed at bringing near to the general public not only contemporary art forms, but also untraditional, unknown and important spots of big European cities.

Interconnecting cities in the world

White Night was established in Paris in 2002 when mayor M. Bertrand Delanoë decided to make use of an unconventional art project to demonstrate the desire of the city administration to support contemporary art and international collaboration in art. In its first year, the project became the most visited art event of the year and, within a few months, spread into other cities across the globe. In 2013, Nuit Blanche in Paris was visited by over two and a half million people. From Paris, the project expanded into New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Santa Monica, Montreal, Toronto, Rome, Tel Aviv, Gaza, Jerusalem, Madrid, Brussels, Riga, Bucharest, Amsterdam, Brighton, Turin, Naples, St. Petersburg, Bratislava, Košice, among others.

Objectives of the White Night project

  • To support and spread contemporary art forms
  • To arouse interest of the general public in contemporary art
  • To support the work of young Slovak artists and the creation of new high-quality artistic works
  • To attract top artists
  • To foster tourism
  • To encourage the development of creative industries in the city
  • To make untraditional, unknown and important spots in the city more visible
  • To use art to interconnect Kosice and Bratislava with other important cities in the world (cities labelled with the prestigious WHITE NIGHT brand)
  • To educate audiences of all ages
  • To spread word about art interpretation to children
  • To champion volunteering and cultural mediation
  • To support participatory art and social projects for socially or health disadvantaged groups

International charter White Night Europe

  • White Night is a culture project accessible to all – all of its events are free.
  • White Night prefers contemporary art forms, i.e. visual art, video art, installation, contemporary music, theatre, dance, performance, stage art, literature, film, design, architecture, street art.
  • White Night presents the public space in various forms: it is usually interested in closed-off or inaccessible places, marginal spaces, prominent spots or cultural institutions and sights which are presented using new forms.
  • White Night introduces ways in which cities can reflect on diverse forms of current urban development and provide all kinds of services and adapted organizations.
  • White Night supports “moderate” mobility – e.g. improving the conditions in bicycle transport, public or shuttle transport.
  • White Night fosters collaboration between the city centre and its peripheries.
  • White Night tries to support and develop cooperation between European cities, their artists and inhabitants.