BIELA NOC Bratislava29. september
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Andrej Kolenčík & Veronika Kocourková / Stenu dáme preč? / SK

Židovská ulica
The visual installation called “Shall We Put the Wall Away?“ portrays a group of animated characters trying to crawl through the walls and get behind them. At the same time, though, we get to see a numerous group of characters getting down of the very same walls, jumping down and trying to escape. The installation purposefully works with the space of the building – the wall and accentuates the symbols of the wall, borders and migration.
Andrej Kolenčík is a movie director and artist. He creates under the trademark of Admiral Films that produces movies, video clips and various spots of moving and animated character. Except for that, he is also devoted to illustration, design and co-creation of full-length scripts. Currently, he is shooting an adventure television miniseries called Mohyla (The Mound). Veronika Kocourková is a director of animated movies and an artist. She is a co-owner of a production company called Superfilm where a TV series for children called Tresky Plesky (Hubble- Bubble) which is to be soon seen on RTVS is being made under her direction. Except for that, she is also devoted to animation, illustration or commixes. She likes to draw in the evenings.