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Antonin Fourneau / Waterlight Graffiti / FR

Interaktívna svetlená inštaláca
Námestie River Park, Dvořákovo nábrežie 8
This prototype is part of a research project led by the French artist Antonin Fourneau about water-sensitive materials. Waterlight Graffiti is an interactive work of art composed of thousands of LEDs that allows you to express yourself on a luminous surface with water. Using a brush, a spray or a sponge, the brightness reveals your message. Its concept is based on a simple principle of physics, using water as a conductor of electricity. In the manner of a switch, the bulbs light up at the slightest touch with water and go out as the water evaporates. Supported by J&T REAL ESTATE.
In 2005 Antonin Fourneau received an Art Diploma from Aix-en- Provence Art School, followed in 2007 by a post Diploma in Interactive Art in the Design School of EnsAD Paris. Since his graduation, Antonin has been focused on interactive art and popular culture. He created a collaborative project about innovation and a new form of funfair named Eniarof. He written a book about this project published at the 1980 editions. In 2012 he created the famous piece Watertight Graffiti which received a lot of congratulations and still exhibited around the world today. He is currently professor in new media design in EnsAD Paris where he leads the research group GoD|Art . He is a guest lecturer and workshop(er) in several schools including CAFA- Beijing and HEAD Geneva.