BIELA NOC Bratislava 27. — 29. september

Ariadna Vendelová a kolektív LA LYRA / Birds / SK

Vzdušný tanec
Hviezdoslavovo námestie, za sochou Dievča so srnkou
Sobota o 19:00, 20:00, 21:00, 22:00, 23:00 (trvanie 20 minút)
Come and get carried away on the waves of atmospheric performance of dance and acrobatics by LA LYRA collective. The Birds performance explores body sensations when the being is limited by space and time. Humans, part of the natural world, used to live surrounded by wild and untamable nature. However, flora and fauna nowadays survive on the last islands in the over-crowded space. What have we as humanity done? Do we lack a bird’s perspective? Is it not enough to know about it, do we need to experience depression and sadness of trees imprisoned in the concrete and animals living in smaller and smaller forests? Can the nature survive our mannerism? Probably yes, because nature is strong. But how does it feel? How do animals feel? Those we pass daily in the captivity of the city. How do we feel in the conditions we ourselves have created? The performers put these questions into their bodies and representing human species they find themselves captured by a tree as an island of nature, exploring movement reactions on the feelings of simple animality, cyclicity, depression, collective memory, hope, lacking, memories, breath of life and sadness before the end. Concept and choreography: Ariadna Vendelová
LA LYRA collective (formerly Ariadne’s Thread) specializes in aerial dance as a genre of modern circus. They prefer dance aesthetic to the circus one and emphasize the movement itself, in effort to create valuable artistic acts with elaborated choreography, expression, idea and depth. LA LYRA also develops modern circus and dance scene in Slovakia through courses and workshops of aerial dance, authorial choreographies and performances at events and international festivals in Slovakia and abroad.