BIELA NOC Bratislava 27. — 29. september

ArtBooksCoffee / Unfortunet / CZ

ArtBooksCoffe, Baštová 6B
Author: Ondřej Vicena About the exhibition: As part of her one-year operation at the ABC, Gabriela Smetanová, the curator of the exhibition, chose Ondřej Vicena, a young Czech artist, to be the first exhibiting author. Rather than topics specified beforehand she would have to follow during the whole year, the curator is interested in RELATIONS. It is not so much the creation of relations that she is interested in – rather than that, it is the process of bringing the already existing ones into sight. The curator is an architecture graduate of the AFAD and the interest in particular spaces is thus natural for her. As the ABC is an exhibition space combined not only with a book shop, but also with a café, to certain extent, in her concept, the curator focuses on the exploration of café relations as opposed to rational criteria, objectivity and competitiveness (one is given advice, recommendations, contacts, work etc. here – they are unofficial intermediary agencies). At the same time, the curator is not trying to objectively or systematically cover the wide range of broad topics nor complex authorial work. Rather than that, she is interested in partial and particular situations. Relating to someone, something, a place, an object, an event, a situation, a circumstance. Something that, in various ways and to various extent, determines the creation of something else. Ondřej Vicena was the first one to be addressed by the curator and in response to her concept, he prepared a site-specific installation for the audience in Bratislava. Coffee and lottery, 44 days of options, day-to-day repetitive actions and unrepeated lucky accidents. About the author: Ondřej Vicena (1988) lives and works in Prague. He got his bachelor degree at the Faculty of Design and Arts in Pilsen at the Intermedia under the supervision of Milena Dopitová, then he finished the bachelor and masters studies at the Academy of Fine Art in Prague in the atelier of new media of Tomáš Svoboda. In the meantime, he went through several exchange internships in ateliers of Supermedia under the supervision of David Kořínek, Dominik Lang and Edith Jeřábková and New Media at Universitat der Kunst in Berlin. Ondřej Vicena has had multiple individual and group exhibitions in the Czech Republic and abroad. As part of the ARTAGON initiative, he will present his diploma project called “High Definition Blue Světlo” in October 2018 in Paris. In September, you can also see him in Hybernská in Prague as part of the exhibition of the AVU graduates called “Future Ready”. This is going to be the first time he exhibits in Bratislava. “The work of Ondřej Vicena is a catalogue of discursions into tasteless and forbidden styles and esthetics. He portrays the fascination of a child growing up surrounded by imported pseudo art of western commercial production.” (Michal Novotný) Ondřej approaches the material not only dramatically – he also mocks it. He also treats other spheres he is devoted to in the same way. In his solo musical project, he recycles past sounds, plays “cold wave, through his lyrics, he refers to the internet, machines, new romantics.” (Ondřej)