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BN Label / Connection / SK

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We connect the banks, we connect the people. After the great success they achieved in 2016, the creative formation of BN Label decided to brighten the architecture of the oldest bridge of the metropole, the dominant of the river bank in Bratislava again. Thanks to modern light technologies, the construction of the Old Bridge will be brightened up with dynamically changing colors engaging the visitors to go for a night walk over Danube. Visual play of colors becomes the symbol of connecting banks, fellowship, tolerance, a celebration of diversity and distinctiveness. The Old Bridge glowing with all the colors refers to the importance of new thinking in people uniting for the sake of tolerance and serves as an anti-xenophobic message for the global identity, openness and mutual understanding. This crucial topic with the message of Slovakia being so colorful is also dealt with by Absolut that cooperated in the idea creation. Because no matter where we come from, we are all equal. The Old Bridge is glowing with all colors thanks to Absolut vodka.
BN Label (SK) is an unofficial formation of artists light designers, graphic designers and programmers who have been directly or indirectly part of the Nuit Blanche since 2009. They are people who either got to know each other during a particular volume of the festival as artists or technicians or they realized that if they got together, they would create something unique. Although each of them works individually on their own works and projects, on one night, they are connected by the love and passion for Nuit Blanche for which they specially create common works and projects.