BIELA NOC Bratislava29. september
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BN Label / Medúza / SK

Interaktívna svetlená inštaláca
Most SNP
BN Label – A Jellyfish Let the luminous tentacles of a Jellyfish ripple in the air over the Danube! A shining UFO will once again be gazing down from the sky of the night Bratislava. A visual for one of the most remarkable symbols of the capital city has been provided by a grouping called BN Label. However, this will be the first time in the city history, when this iconic building on the SNP Bridge will acquire the character of an illuminating interactive installation. The audience will thus become an active part of the artwork and they will have the unique opportunity to operate the illuminated tentacles of the floating Jellyfish above the water surface, letting everyone know that there is something special going on in the city! The operating panel can be found on the Razus Quay 1. This artwork came into existence thanks to the energy provided by ZSE!
BN Label (SK) is an unofficial grouping of artists, lighting designers, graphic designers and programmers, who have been a part of White Night whether being directly involved in the process or providing external assistance since 2009. These are people who either got to know each other as artists or technicians at one of the annual festivals, or they realized that if they decided to work together, they would create something extraordinary. Although each of them works on their own artworks and projects independently, they are connected by their mutual love and enthusiasm for White night, for which they create various artworks and projects.