BIELA NOC Bratislava29. september
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BN Label / Sky flowers / SK

Svetelná inštalácia
Mlynské nivy 1, budova VÚB banky
Thanks to VÚB Banka, you can enjoy the unique experience of the view at the Nuit Blanche in Bratislava from its iconic building this year, too. The headquarters of VÚB Banka is a significant building of modern architecture of the capital city and as one of very few buildings, it uses light design even in its original architecture. The tower the height of which is over 88 meters is going to be extended even more during the Nuit Blanche as 24 rotating light heads copying its architectonic shapes are going to create a whole new perspective of looking at this unique building.
BN label (SK) is a non-official group of artists, light designers, graphic designers and programmers who have been directly or indirectly part of the Nuit Blanche since 2009. They are people who either got to know each other during a particular volume of the festival as artists or technicians or they realized that if they got together, they would create something unique. Although each of them works individually on their own works and projects, on one night, they are connected by the love and passion for Nuit Blanche for which they specially create common works and projects.