BIELA NOC Bratislava29. september
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Braňo Bernár / Oáza / SK

Svetelná inštalácia
Panorama Park, Pribinova 19
Oasis is a digital „amplifier“ of natural processes in the heart of an urban environment. Whereas typically, it is the square shapes of buildings and noise of cars that dominate the city, the installation accentuates the curves of the undulating terrain, the movement of the wind playing with the vegetation or the sound of field crickets. Usually, nature is crowded out in the urban environment: into less frequented spots awaiting suitable conditions for growth and expansion. In the immersive installation called Oasis, this relation is reversed – the man-made structures are pushed to the very edge of the perception of the audience that can thus feel the dominating nature – in the multiplied form using technologies. Supported by J&T REAL ESTATE.
The Showmedia studio has been present in the sphere of light design for almost 20 years. Its realizations range from architecture and theater to entertainment industry. The experience from these segments as well as the knowledge of the latest technologies and the cooperation with multiple artists enables them to combine and experimentally perform in these areas as well as to bring new elements to the realization. Showmedia participated in the project of Košice – European Capital of Culture 2013 for a long time, for which it also designed and realized the concept of light of the Cathedral of St. Elizabeth for the Opening Ceremony of Košice 2013. Since 2010 it has been an integral part of the international festival of Nuit Blanche.