BIELA NOC Bratislava 27. — 29. september

Cinzia Campolese / Broken Panorama / IT/CAN

Multimediálna inštalácia
Sklad č. 7, Pribinova 7, Eurovea City
Piatok, sobota a nedeľa, od 12:00 do 24:00
The sculpture Broken Panorama is characterized by a uniclastic reflective surface connected to the floor. The visuals projected onto the surface create a connection with the ground. Light is then perceived at 3 levels: directly on the surface, as a reflection on the floor and as this second reflection on to the sculpture. The sculpture is a part of The Specular series: a project that presents a set of audio-visual installations of different light sculptures created through the use of projected light and reflective materials. Each sculpture redirects light in a different way and the reflective property of the material allows each sculpture to blend with its environment while also modifying our perception of its shape. The installations share the same audiovisual components in which networks of algorithms generate interlinked sound and light. A cycle repeats but with infinite variations in multi-temporal-scales. Sharing that same algorithmic data, all the sculptures reinject the digital source into the space, proposing different perceptions of it, bringing to a real space what is created in a virtual one. The piece aims to represent a constant search for perfection; a quest that is here simultaneously emphasized and disrupted by the subtle differences seeping through the repetition of each sequence. Through this process, the seemingly strict uniform nature of the composition is infused back with a dynamic sense of reality. Supported by JTRE.
Cinzia Campolese is an artist who works at the intersection of visual and new media art, focusing on the creation of audio-visual immersive environments, mostly involving the use of projected light. In October 2012 she co-founded the creative label IF in Paris working on projects covering architecture, object design, set design and audio-visual installations. In her recent bodies of work, the artist has been working on the creation of generative audiovisual installations using reflective materials, creating a set of light sculptures called “Specular Series» and the piece Frame of Reference. Her artworks were exhibited at cultural institutes, galleries and cultural events around the globe.