BIELA NOC Bratislava 27. — 29. september

Filip Šicko / The Essence of Knowledge / SK

Námestie SNP, pred Starou Tržnicou
Piatok, sobota a nedeľa, od 12:00 do 24:00
The statue expresses the essential motivation of human knowledge – an unsolved problem. It metaphorically describes human desire to find the answer for the unknown through gradual search for connections to final answer. The installation uses light to create changing visual structures. The ambient light pulses bring dynamic and emphasize various parts of the installation at various times. Visitors can observe the static installation coming alive in slow light metamorphoses. Light installation on the object: Ján Šicko Supported by Eset Science Award.
Filip Šicko (*1981) is a Slovak sculptor and artist. He studied sculpture at Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava in the studio of Jozef Jankovič and at Academy of Fine Arts in Prague in the studio of Jindřich Zeithamml. He exhibited in Slovakia and abroad, attended various sculpturing symposiums and his works are permanently placed in Japan, South Korea, Israel and Turkey. His sculptures are usually made of bronze and stone. He also specializes in 3D graphic.