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Guillaume Marmin / Licht, mehr Licht! / FR

Svetelná inštalácia
Kostol Klarisiek, Klariská 3
“Licht, mehr Licht!”, in English “Light, more light!”, were Goethe's dying words. The mysterious utterance can be understood as the mystical final pronouncement of the great author and scientificthinker, who developed his own theory of optics. Licht, mehr Licht ! echoes near-death experiences, whose survivors describe a “tunnel of light” opening up beyond the shadows. The darkness is punctuated by beams of light in perpetual motion that sketch out hypnotic geometric shapes, transforming space into a living being. Closely correlating to the work's visual dimension is the use of sound based on a minimalist musical palette, focusing on its spatialisation. The synaesthetic relationship between light and sound underlines the impressions of speed and stretches and shrinks time at will. Supported by J&T REAL ESTATE.
Trained at the University of Lyon II and ARFIS Guillaume Marmin is a French visual artist. His work, connected from the beginning to the music scene and performing arts, is part of a revival of the visual creation by overcoming traditional forms of storytelling and traditional performing media. Influenced by experimental filmmakers such as Len Lye or Stan Brakhage, Guillaume Marmin is looking for a new synaesthetic alphabet, a common language between images and sounds, rhythms, contrast and sleek moving figures.