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Jakub Pišek & Beáta Kolbašovská / Dancing Machines / SK

Multimediálna inštalácia
Dunajská 1
Dancing Machines is an audiovisual kinetic installation presented in various public spaces. Great disco massacre, sound and lights, never-ending dance. It pulls you into the center of the consumer society. You become part of a beautiful dance party for VIP guests from the country of plastics. The best music and gorgeous dancers guarantee a one-of-a-kind party. Supported by Andrej Martinka
Beáta Kolbašovská works with new media, specializing in site-specific installations, A/V performances, VJing, video mapping and video installations. She focuses on site-specific installations, A/V performance, VJing, video mapping and video installations. She is a co-founder of the visual collective called Nano VJs creating experimental 3D video mappings, live performances and cooperates with contemporary dancers, theater actors, performers and musicians. She is also part of the audiovisual project called Barcode DJs that was presented at multiple festivals and galleries and in public spaces such as Rapid Pulse Festival Chicago, BLV- ART Bilbao, Worm Rotterdam, the stadium of the city of Trenčín, Nu Dance Fest Bratislava, Stuttgarter Filmwinter Stuttgart, RMLL Beuvais, Nuit Blanche Košice, Žižkovská noc Praha etc. In her work, she uses ephemeral moments for a particular space and atmosphere of individual places. Beáta Kolbašovská cooperates with other artists when creating complex artworks and multimedia performances. Jakub Pišek graduated from New Media in Košice having been led by Anna Tretter, a German artist. He took an internship at Ecole des Beaux Arts in Bordeaux, France and a residential stay in Dortmund in RUHR, the European Capital of Culture 2011. After a ping-pong workshop, he started to create his own software for interactive installations. In his work, he uses the technique as both the carrier and the objective of his interest. Instead of repeatedly presenting old works, he specializes in creating an artwork right in the spot, he lets the genius loci stand out and flexibly responds to the situations that emerge. He works with video, computer graphics, interactivity and music. He now works as a media artist in various spheres such as interactivity, performance, audio and video or live graphics. As he studied visual and performing arts, software prototypes and computer science, interdisciplinarity is characteristic of his work. He uses open source hardware and software and prefers the DIY approach. Jakub is the person behind famous performances such as Hallogenerator, Turbosampler and Barcode djs.