BIELA NOC Bratislava29. september
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Karina Smigla-Bobinski / ADA / DE, PL

Interaktívna inštalácia
Kunsthalle LAB, Nám. SNP 12
Výstavu si môžete vychutnať od 27.9. do 30.10.
ADA is the name for an interactive installation in the form of a kinetic object - a helium filled dimensional balloon, the surface of which forms several dozen wood tips. Putting it into motion will trigger an unpredictable "action" of drawings on the walls, ceiling and floor of the room. His author - in Germany acting as a media artist of Polish origin, Karin Smigel-Bobinsky, described it as an "industrial" patch, which resembles a molecular hybrid of nano-biotechnology. Whether or not the artistic work itself can be considered as a jumping object or the resulting drawings on the walls, which are almost autonomous in their movement - the author does not define. Interpreting leaves the visitors - what they have just started, the audience is completing.
Karina Smigla-Bobinsky focuses primarily on new media and digital art in her work. She lives and works in Munich. Her work we can define like something between science, intuition, expression and knowledge. She produces and collaborates on projects from kinetics, interactive installations, artistic interventions to physical theatrical performances and online projects. Her works are a bridging of kinetic art, artwork, videos, installations, paintings, performances and sculptures. Her works have been presented at festivals, galleries and museums on five different continents in 45 countries - Signapore Art Museum, Grande Halle de la Villette in Paris, Science Gallery in Dublin, IPARK Museum of Art in Suwon (Korea), Microwave International New Media Arts Festival in Hong Kong etc.