BIELA NOC Bratislava 27. — 29. september

Katarína Komarová / Kalia / SK

Interaktívny objekt
-1. podlažie, Eurovea, Pribinova 8
Piatok, sobota a nedeľa, od 16:00 do 22:00
A therapeutic aid, experience toy and an impressive esthetical experience. Kalia, an interactive object by a designer Katarína Komarová uses the principle of the kaleidoscope which is turned into a rotating object – kaleidoscopic patterns are created in the hole of the object by its movement. However, the patterns are not hidden inside, but the inner video camera and outer projector project them on the object itself. The visitors are surrounded by the projection of colorful ornaments which the visitors themselves create by using the object. The viewer is not passive but is part of the visual composition and the artwork itself. The patterns look harmonic and have calming effect. The concept of the artwork is inspired by relaxing and therapeutic approach known as “snoezelen” which is used, among other things, for work with disabled people because it evokes feeling of safety and well-being and stimulates exploration and activity. Technical support: Vladimír Slaninka On Saturday and Sunday at 9:00 PM, the installation features acrobatic performance by Helena Škovierová from Circuskus. The performance will by accompanied by musicians: Roman RUSŇÁK project consisting of: Martin Nováček - guitar, Adam Hudec - bass guitar and Roman Rusňák - viola.
Katarína Komarováhas graduated at Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava. Apart from painting, her works currently involve graphic, package and product design. She is interested in the connection between product design and specific therapeutic purposes. In her current works she is looking for design solutions that would function as a tool to eliminate everyday barriers imposed by our health restrictions, lifestyle and environment.