BIELA NOC Bratislava29. september
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Marcel Gacho & Peter Gonda / Möbiov pás / SK

Dvorana Ministerstva kultúry SR, Námestie SNP 33
The installation recreates the famous mathematical model – the Möbius strip – into a styled light form substituting the mathematical definition with a visual experience observable in space and time where the light sequences seek to redraw the two-dimension character of the form into a 3D dimension. The Möbius curve thus represents a three-dimension object the aim of which is to approximate the geometry to wider public in the premises of the forecourt of the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic in Bratislava. A curve made from a tube construction consisting of mesh assigned for the traces of delicate optical fibers which serves as a support construction creates an incredible luminous structure. The objective is to portray a levitating light construction and to present the public with this otherwise unknown geometrical figure. The visitors will be invited inside to become part of the “Möbius geometry“.
Peter Gonda and Madcel Gacho Architects who got together after some time to do other activities beside their practice: ones that are sometimes related to architecture and otherwhile overlap into similar disciplines. In their work, they combine spatial structures, light or digital devices.