BIELA NOC Bratislava29. september
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Martin Dzurek, Stroon, Jakub Pišek / Bdelosť / SK

Gotická kaplnka sv. Jána z boku kostola Zvestovania, Františkánske námestie 1
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The artistic installation called Awakedness (Bdelosť) connects the topical concept and the object of Martin Dzurek, an artist, with a musical-sound component of Stroon, a music producer and light design of Jakub Pišek, a new media artist. Its minimalistic form covers a complex set of stimuli speaking to the audience aiming at waking them up from the state of lethargy and passivity and discover the very own character of awakedness as one of the most crucial and useful physical and psychical states of a human. Author of the concept, creative realization: Martin Dzurek Music, sound: Stroon Light design: Jakub Pišek Curator: Klára Hudáková
The artistic work of Martin Dzurek has been developing over decades. His creative manifestation is rich and wide-spectrum. Along monuments of chamber character, monumental sculptures represent an integral part of his work. Recently, his activities have been extended by interactive installations and performance connecting music, theater, photography, literature and video. When interconnecting these multiple art media, he likes to use non-traditional places and cooperation with other authors and creators. His most eminent work is considered to be the installation realized in one of the oldest churches in Slovakia, in Dražovce near Nitra. He has exhibited in multiple individual and collective exhibitions in Slovakia and abroad, taken part in Slovak and international symposiums and is a member of various creative art associations in Slovakia.