BIELA NOC Bratislava29. september
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Pavol Truben / DNA leviatana / SK

Sklad číslo 7, Pribinova 8
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Leviathan is a mythical creature the existence of which has not been confirmed nor disproven. In his installation, the authori focuses on its base structural unit – the DNA. The work responds to the contemporary world full of hoaxes, half-truths and populism. We commonly come across information distorting the reality and conforming it to their own purposes. Where is the source of information (or light) and which side brings truthful information? The installation working with reading lamps and electric cables shows just how difficult it can be to find the source and to understand the events that take place in the online space on a daily basis. Author of the technical solution to the project and programming: Rastislav Rehák The project emerged as part of the cooperation with Bratislava. Supported by J&T REAL ESTATE. The space also contains an installation Cable-Man by Radovan Dranga. The series “Cable-man” uses broad range of mediums, such as interactive installation, sculpture, music and photography which are simultaneously blending to create an exhibition space with strong atmosphere. The installation is made from cables and electronic devices such as lamps, fans, cameras and speakers, and together they are bringing the cables to life. Each robot is site-specific and exists only for a limited time. Creatures which were once alive but then taken apart in order to create space for a new version.
Pavol Truben finished his doctoral studies at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava in 2017. His work is devoted to graphics, graphic design, drawing, object and installation. Currently, he is dealing with the issues of populism and post-factual era. He has exhibited in tens of group exhibitions in Europe and Asia and has been given several prizes for his work. In 2013, we was a finalist of the Celeste Prize in Rome. Radovan Dranga is finishing his master’s degree at Academy of fine arts in Bratislava and design at the Photography and new media department. Besides theatre photography he is charmed by aesthetics of cables which he uses as the main building element to create sculpture/still-life/photography.