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Šimon Kern / PETOTEM / SK

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Petotem is the reaction to the world we live in. The world of plastics. It is the critique of our society and a clue on how to move on at the same time. It is the example of how something so ordinary at first sight can get a whole new dimension when being looked at closer. In the past, people would build menhirs, then obelisks and nowadays, it is towers, symbols of the era. Petotem is a symbol of the contemporary era. It points out the issue of unbearable amounts of plastics in our society and, at the same time, it shows us the way to go. The way of recycling that might be slow but it does lead to the desired destination. That is represented by a plastic brick, the final product of recycling that will not be recycled ever again. It will build up a house. Waste so cold and degraded will, at the end of the day, create warm and cozy environment of our home. The internal dirt ... and the internal purity.
He first studied design, travelled the world in the meantime and creates now. He responds to his past and our presence. His work lies at the boundary between design and art: technically sophisticated and philosophically insane. We works with untraditional materials we usually find lying on the ground and transforms them into never-before-seen dimensions. As he claims: “I just want to open people’s eyes.“