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Zuzana Sabová / NO ROOTS NO FRUITS / SK

Multimediálna výstava
Galéria Statua, Pálffyho palác, Zámocká 41
Place: The STATUA Gallery, Pálffy Palace, Zámocká 41 811 01 Bratislava Duration of the exhibition: September 29 – October 19 Guests: Boris Vitázek – mapping Vladislav Višňovský – sound Object compositions from metal scaffolding, binding, found driftwood and figural scenes in paintings combined with sound, digital pictures and animation in the form of mapping will be presented in the three-stage basement of the Pálffy palace at Zámocká street. Roots and fruits, strong philosophical symbols can be found as metaphors in various cultures. Their connection evokes growth. The obvious knowledge that there are no fruits without the roots is developed in multiple stories that talk about the circumstances of the growth, metaphorically about man, his origin, background, identity, expectations, mental development and about situations and schemes that impact him. The installation does not respond directly to any of the actual known stories and parables, it is an authorial reflection, a multimedia composition that, in terms of the symbols of the materials used, creates a new authentic story of the author.
Zuzana Sabová is a graduate of graphic design (2010) but in her authorial works, she transcends the scope of 2D graphic output. In graphic letters, objects and installations she emphasizes the so-called storiness of material – she accentuates the processuality of the creation of a work, the dimension of time is also present in her static works.