BIELA NOC Košice6. october
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Ariadna Vendelová a kolektív LA LYRA / Birds / SK

Tanečná performance
Mestský park, pri fontáne
19:00 / 20:00 /21:00 /22:00 / 23:00, trvanie 20 min.
Birds, a dance-acrobatic performance explores the feelings of a body when being is limited to restricted space and time. Man as part of the natural world was once surrounded by boundless nature where tamelessness and boisterousness prevailed. Everything is different today, though: the vegetable and animal kingdom live on the very last islands of the remnants of nature. What have done? Do people miss the birds’ perspective? Is it not enough for us to just know about it – do people really need to learn the hard way about the discomfort and loss that trees trapped in concrete of big cities and animals living in the ever-diminishing forests feel? Will the nature be able to survive our mannerism? Probably yes, as it is powerful. How does it feel, though? How do the animals and vegetables we pass by daily, city-bound, feel? And how do we feel, in the conditions we created ourselves? These questions are to be put inside the bodies of the performers and in the premises of Mestský park in Košice they, representing the mankind, will find themselves seized by a tree as the last nature’s island exploring the movement reactions to the feelings of sheer animality, cyclicity of time, distress, collective memory, hope, loss, memories, breath of life and gloom about the end.
The Lalyra collective (formerly known as Ariadnina niť) is devoted to aerial dance as one of the genres of new circus. The collective strives to accentuate the movement as such as well as the danciness of a body and rather than circus aesthetics, to work with dance. Lalyra participates in the development of the new circus and dance scene in Slovakia, mainly in Košice, through realizing courses and workshops of aerial dance, authorial choreographic work, performing at various events and performances or at international festivals in Slovakia and abroad.