BIELA NOC Košice6. october
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Barbora Berezňáková & Eva Vozárová & Pavlína Morháčová / Spýtaj sa vašich / SK

Hviezdoslavova 6
Premietanie si môžete vychutnať o 19:00 a potom vždy o pol a celej hodine
The movie called Ask Your Parents (Spýtaj sa vašich) is an appealing “oral history” – a mosaic of emotional witnesses of ordinary people with photogenic clips, a dynamic visual sample of thinking about the era, a postcard from 1968 with everything that concerns/concerned us. Except for the movie, the project itself comprises also of the webpage that serves as an interactive online memorial book where short texts, videos, audio records and photographs can be uploaded and shared, portraying people’s memories of the events of 1968 in Slovakia and all around the world. As part of the Ask Your Parents project, the organizational team organizes projections of the movie with discussions across Slovakia in culture centers and at schools. Supported by KOŚICE:DNES.
Barbora Berezňáková is, having graduated from the APA and the New York film Academy, devoted to short films, authorial video installations and clips. She is now working on her documentary feature debut called The Offence Was Not Committed (Skutok sa nestal), she is interested in the personal experience of individuals against the backdrop of the political goings-on in the past. In the project of 68, she is in charge if the direction, research and dramaturgical effectuation of the clips on the topic. Pavlína Morháčová works as a graphic designer of the Slovak National Gallery and she is also responsible for the visual design of the books by the Absynt publishing focusing on narrative journalism. She is the author of the project of an alternative map of Bratislava called M_P_BA ( In the project of 68, she is the co-author of the idea and the graphic designer of the movie and web as a platform that serves to promote the movie and add stories of individuals. Eva Vozárová worked for the Fair-play Alliance for 7 years and before that, in the Trend weekly periodical for 5 years as a reporter. Nowadays, she is devoted to PR and production as a freelancer. Except for the project of 68, she works with the Cluster Ensamble and the festival of contemporary dance and movement theater called Nu Dance Fest.