BIELA NOC Košice6. october
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BN Label & Jana Potiron / Hlas / SK

Interaktívna svetlená inštaláca
Strojárenská 3
The industrial area of Strojárenská street will become one of the dominants of Nuit Blanche in Košice. At night, the forecourt of this industrial building will light up with colorful lights in which the characteristic traits of the building of a former tobacco factory will stand out. An audiovisual installation created especially for this area will also bring an interactive dimension. A huge megaphone placed in the forecourt will enable the visitors to play a dialogue with the building and become part of the artwork. Visual components of the installation will change according to the pitch and tone of the voice of anyone who approaches the megaphone and lets their voice sound.
BN Label (SK) is an unofficial formation of artists light designers, graphic designers and programmers who have been directly or indirectly part of the Nuit Blanche since 2009. They are people who either got to know each other during a particular volume of the festival as artists or technicians or they realized that if they got together, they would create something unique. Although each of them works individually on their own works and projects, on one night, they are connected by the love and passion for Nuit Blanche for which they specially create common works and projects. Jana Potiron (Nováková) is the founder of the Grung design studio. As a product designer she works with the fusion of design and art on both practical and theoretical level. Her work includes pieces ranging from furniture elements influenced by emotional perceptions through site-specific installations in public or private spaces to florist concepts. Since 2009 Jana has been a member of a design collective called ‘KEKS Design / Creative Lab’, which comprises of young designers specializing in product, interior and graphic design. Since 2014 Jana has been creating under her own brand called GRUNG, focusing on furniture elements and site-specific design in spheres such as products, art and flowers – depending on the orientation of projects. She currently works at the Faculty of Design and Arts of Ladislav Sutnar in Pilsen as the leader of the atelier of Furniture and Interior Design.