BIELA NOC Košice6. october
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Braňo Bernár / Potrava / SK

Mestský park, jazierko
What is it like to come around the same table? Breakfasts, dinners, Sunday’s lunch – do we still get to meet there? We like to share food, but we prefer to do that on social networks. Around the same table, there’s both communication and isolation going on. The installation called The Food (Potrava) does not judge our today’s customs – it just clarifies the situation. Who are you talking to over your plate?
Braňo Bernár has been active in the field of light and sound design for over 20 years. He has done multiple realizations in architecture, theater and entertainment industry. The experience from these segments as well as the knowledge of the latest technologies and cooperation with various artists enable him to combine and experimentally operate in these areas and bring innovative elements to their realizations.