BIELA NOC Košice 4. — 6. october 2019

Kolektív kurátorov z krajín V4 / VŠVU / Kurátori: Petr Vorlík, Henrieta Moravčíková, Anna Cymer, Ábel Mészáros - Iconic Ruins? Povojnová socialistická architektúra krajín V4 / SK, CZ, HU, PL

OD URBAN, Hlavná 111
Piatok, sobota a nedeľa od 12:00 do 24:00
The post-war architecture in the former Soviet Union countries has become a frequent topic in the recent years. The exhibition focuses on the places with prominent political investment of public resources and searches for meeting points between the power and creative approach of artists. The fast destruction of this architecture in the recent years as a consequence of radical reconstructions and demolitions leads to unprecedented interest of professionals and academics. The exhibition explores the current state of these buildings and offers historical comparison using the method DOCOMOMO International and student visions of the future use and transformation of similar buildings, which were created at the Faculty of Architecture at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava. The exhibition tries to reveal the parallels in architecture in the shared socialistic past of the V4 countries, and to start a wider discussion about the cultural heritage of late modernism which is under threat. An interesting bonus to the exhibition: exploring the history of the former shopping mall Prior in Košice which belongs to the most significant icons of late modern architecture in Košice. The exhibition takes place from 3rd to 6th of October 2019.