BIELA NOC Košice6. october
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NANO VJs / Reality shift / SK

Vedecká knižnica, Hlavná 8/10
Imagine a fairytale world with no rules. What you have known changes into liquid reality. A projection mapping creates an illusion in time and space, shifts the boundaries of perception. Allow it to drag you into the story full of unpredictable circumstances. Sound - Dalibor Kocian known as Stroon.
The visual collective of Nano Vjs was established in 2010 by Betakaroten and Kubriel in Košice. Šimon Mészáros is a stable member and experimenter. Nano vjs is a formation of visual artists, animators and VJs. In 2010, they realized one of the very first video mappings in Slovakia: the Nanometers Paradise event in Košice. 3D mapping on the façade of the Dominican Church was supported by musical set of Stroon, a Slovak multi-instrumentalist. Nano vjs create light and interactive installations responding to the visitors in real time, live vj acts, vj sets, experimental mapping, site-specific installations. Along with Cart1, a French street artist, they created a fusion of street art and new media. When it comes to Slovak events, they were part of festivals such as Pohoda, Fest Anča, Nuit Blanche, Hviezdne noci, Hradby samoty, Sound Garden, Moonride, Street Art Communication or Poke and also took part in festivals abroad, e.g. the Signal festival in Prague and multiple other events in the Czech Republic, Germany and France. The visual collective cooperated with Slovak djs and producers such as Stroon, Bulp, Ink Midget, Dead Janitor, Majkl Kelso, Danny B, Leia Drex, Východisko, Loud Frequency etc. Nano vjs also collaborate with independent theaters, contemporary dancers and performers both in Slovakia and abroad.