BIELA NOC Košice 4. — 6. october 2019

Pavol Truben / Polarizácia / SK

Svetelná inštalácia
SPŠ Dopravná, Hlavná ul. 113
Piatok, sobota a nedeľa, od 19:00 do 24:00
Polarization is a site-specific installation presenting a dialogue between two sides looking for truth. It displays current mood in society where the differences of opinions, caused by unequal access to information, are becoming more and more evident and have grown into noticeable social conflicts. The viewer will see a choreography of seemingly randomly flicking neon tubes attached between 24 pairs of desk lamps. It is not a coincidence that the neon tubes are installed on school desks. Thanks to education,we can approach information correctly and search for quality sources. It is important not to settle for simple solutions to complex problems. The author of the technical solution and programming: Rastislav Rehák
Pavol Truben finished in 2017 his doctoral studies at Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava where he currently teaches. Apart from that, he is the owner of a graphic studio Truben Studio and the founder of an organization Ultrafialová which assists artists with practical questions about their art activities and help them to succeed on the art market. His favourite art forms are drawing, object and installation. At the moment he is interested in topics related to propaganda and post-truth era. His works have been displayed at dozens of group exhibitions in Europe and Asia and he has received several awards. In 2013 he was one of the finalists for Celeste Prize in Rome.