BIELA NOC Košice6. october
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Pedagógovia a ich študenti z fakúlt umení Krakowa, Katovíc a Košíc / Komunikačný dizajn 2018 – Košice / Katovice / Krakov / SK

Múzeum Vojtecha Lofflera, Alžbetina 20
Inštaláciu si môžete vychutnať v piatok od 10:00 do 22:00, v sobotu od 10:00 do 02:00, v nedeľu od 10:00 do 22:00
Nowadays we live surrounded by constantly growing amount of scientific, commercial and cultural-societal information daily spread by various media which we have to process for our own needs. This information differs in both, quality and form. It is very common to meet low quality visual culture and communication in scientific and artistic publications. This is often caused by amateur solutions and it could easily lead to difficulties with quick understanding of provided information and unaesthetic and content-unclear messages overtaking the public space, commonly referred as visual smog. During the studies in The Visual Communication Studio the emphasis is on solving problems in creative and unconventional way while retaining artistic quality and following the original task as required by a professional environment and principles defined by historical background, craftsmanship and tradition. The aim of this project is to increase the impact of art schools - the Faculty of Arts TU in Košice, the Academy of Fine Arts (ASP) in Katowice and the Academy of Fine Arts (ASP) in Krakow on the quality of visual communication by educating professional designers. The main part of the international cooperation within the project is the organization of a joint exhibition of communication design in Krakow, Katowice and Košice. The long-standing international cooperation of these institutions is highlighted in 2018 by their significant anniversaries; ASP Krakow celebrates the 200th anniversary of its founding and the Faculty of Arts, TU in Košice 20th anniversary. On this occasion, the project presents the individual results of listed schools, especially in the field of communication design. These presentations will help to increase the awareness of young people and the broad professional and unprofessional public about current trends in visual culture and communication design. The outputs of the project are presented in the print and electronic media, on the websites and on the social networks of partner universities. Andrej Haščák