BIELA NOC Košice6. october
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Richard Janešík & Ľudmila Macáková / FUTUREXX / SK

Múzeum Vojtecha Löfflera, ul. Alžbetina 20
Inštaláciu si môžete vychutnať v piatok od 10:00 do 22:00, v sobotu od 10:00 do 02:00, v nedeľu od 10:00 do 22:00
Part of the ongoing exhibition called Communication Design 2018 – Košice / Katowice / Krakow (Komunikačný dizajn 2018 – Košice / Katovice / Krakov) (in cooperation with partner schools of international presentation of communication design on the occasion of the celebration of the 20 th anniversary of the establishment of the Faculty of Arts of the Technical University in Košice) are visual solutions of graphic designers – Richard Janešík and Ľudmila Macáková.
Richard Janešík decided to add to the common exhibition using the topic of the 20 th anniversary of the Faculty of Arts. Individual elements are created as simple and forever-played animations that can be situated by means of projection technique in various parts of the gallery as well as outside it. Do you know the Faculty of Arts? That is the question Ľudmila Macáková asks, symbolically trying to show its image. Through animation, she also portrays the journey of a student and their emotions. The syntax and colors used stem from the historical definition of the faculty and its three fields of study. The curator of the exhibition is Andrej Haščák.