BIELA NOC Košice6. october
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Róbert Farkaš / Galaxia / SK

Svetelná inštalácia
Kotolňa, Strojárenská 3
Inštaláciu si môžete vychutnať v piatok od 10:00 do 22:00, v sobotu od 10:00 do 02:00, v nedeľu od 10:00 do 22:00
Space, never-ending exploration of one’s own possibilities and abilities, boundaries of perception, reflection of what has been seen and heard – in the calm rhythm of STROON’s music, all of that may or may not seem as symbolically glowing aura of the installation by Robo Farkaš. Róbert Farkaš a.k.a. #djsevenminutes and his atmospheric light sources in the underground of the interior of Kotolňa in Košice are the #placetobe and #mustsee elements representing another dimension of experience offered by the the multi genre festival of Nuit Blanche.
Róbert Farkaš – a light designer, an author of light installations, VJ, mapping, photographer. He uses light from the perspective of multiple professions. He understands its purpose, the principle of functioning, physicality, he understands its beauty and meaningfulness. All of the experience is then used in his own work that combines the technical world and art. In his works, light comes through new forms of usage.